COVID-19: Resources for You

Last updated: Jan. 6, 2021 To download this information in PDF format, click here. Based on guidance from local public health agencies, our staff in Washington State and North Idaho are currently working remotely. During this time, the Alzheimer’s Association is available to you 24/7 for around-the-clock care and support: •  24/7 Helpline: Through this free service, specialists and masters-level clinicians offer confidential support and … Continue reading COVID-19: Resources for You

Thrifting for good: The Longest Day

I always knew about the Alzheimer’s Association, but I found about The Longest Day this summer through VolunteerMatch. For The Longest Day, I will be selling clothes on the Depop app in honor of my grandfather who is living with dementia. Continue reading Thrifting for good: The Longest Day

What to Consider When Pursuing Assisted Living or Memory Care

We have created a list of questions for you and your family to consider when choosing assisted living or memory care for your loved one. Each family is different, but this is a good place to start. Continue reading What to Consider When Pursuing Assisted Living or Memory Care

A group of people in a virtual improve class

Dementia-Friendly Activities – Virtually!

While we’re still awaiting the return of community programs like Alzheimer’s cafés, memory loss choirs or dementia-friendly walking groups, a robust world of virtual dementia-friendly programs has emerged. Continue reading Dementia-Friendly Activities – Virtually!

A multigenerational family smiling together

Cultural Barriers to Care

Caregivers are supporting elders who have experiences shaped by their cultural values and practices, family traditions and the lessons and wisdom of their own elders; they share their lessons, words of wisdom and experiences with their children whispered in their native language, through the foods they serve and the views of life through religious and spiritual traditions. Continue reading Cultural Barriers to Care

What is MCI?

With public awareness of brain aging and Alzheimer disease risk growing, it’s understandable for adults to wonder whether moments of forgetfulness could be signs of something more serious, such as mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Continue reading What is MCI?

Caregiving for Someone with Alzheimer’s: Consider your health

We start out with selfless generosity. We urge and nudge gently with care and concern. We have no idea what lies ahead. The present consumes us as we take on more tasks, more chores, more of everything to do. Continue reading Caregiving for Someone with Alzheimer’s: Consider your health

Bill and his neighbor look through the window at a loved one

Looking Through the Window

My inspiration for writing the poem was for all the loved ones experiencing a devastating and emotional tragedy caused by the COVID-19 restrictions, eliminating in-person visits to nursing homes and other care communities. Further inspiration was my visits with my neighbor Midge, the wife of Rocky, who has Alzheimer’s, as illustrated by the pictures of one of our visits. Continue reading Looking Through the Window

Senior African American couple reading

Valentine’s Day: A Couple’s Devotion While Facing Alzheimer’s During COVID-19

Valentine’s Day can be a particularly sentimental time for couples affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia, as they adjust to dual roles as both romantic partners and care partners. This day is also a reminder that love is not only what brings couples together, but it is often what keeps couples going through this difficult journey. Continue reading Valentine’s Day: A Couple’s Devotion While Facing Alzheimer’s During COVID-19