5 Reasons to Hope in the Midst of Alzheimer’s

1. Research to find a cure gains momentum each year.

Ann, Research

Scientist need more subjects for research each year and people like author Ann Hedreen are stepping up to help find a cure. Learn how the Alzheimer’s Association can help you volunteer for research.

2. Local Support programs grow each year to reach more families in need now.

LillyOur Chapter provides 24/7 Helpline support that connects people to support groups, education, safety services and more.

3. Federal and State policy makers are acting now to address Alzheimer’s nationally and in Washington State

gov inslee

The Federal government has increased funding for Alzheimer’s research to $591 million annually and work on the Washington State Alzheimer’s Disease Plan will address the unique needs of citizens in our state.

4. Advocates are raising awareness and inspiring the nation with their stories.


More people like Alicia are speaking out every day to share their stories and raise funds to fight Alzheimer’s.

5. No one has to face Alzheimer’s alone.

No one is alone

The Alzheimer’s Association is here to provide support and resources free of charge to anyone affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

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