The Twelfth Man, By Lon Cole

Staff sawhawks hats
Our 12’s are ready for the Super Bowl! Left to right: Hayley Rea, Roxanne Gossard, Carrie Smith, Roger Buckingham

The twelfth man is more than a teammate
He’s more than a large screaming crowd
They can make a difference when the game is close
And boy can they really get loud

There is a spirit in a football game
That goes beyond the play
And when the fans get excited
Who knows what they might say

The Seahawks make it look easy
But we know it’s really tough
Any team that plays the game
Will tell you that its get rough

If you got the money to buy a ticket
It won’t be a waste of your time
But I hope that you come ready
To stand a long time in line

Being a fan of the Seahawks
Is more than just watching the game
It’s like you’re on the field with them
And you share in the glory and fame

LonAbout the author:
Lon Cole is a local author and Alzheimer’s Advocate. He was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 61 and has inspired many with his story, Alive and Thankful: Living with early onset Alzheimer’s.

He serves on the Pierce County Regional Advisory Council and the Early Stage Memory Loss Advisory Council for the Alzheimer’s Association Western and Central Washington Chapter.

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