Christmas To Treasure

I think of the Christmases I had before

I cherish the memories my heart wants to store

When I was young I was filled with dreams

The magic of Christmas would make my eyes gleam

When Christmas comes I glow with zeal

There is a special joy that we all feel

I treasure the love that this day brings

And look forward to the songs we sing

The deep warm feelings of the pure white snow

Will travel with me where ever I go

Christmas time is a great time of year

The children are happy that Santa is near

Have a great time as you deck the halls

And try to be cheerful and kind to all

2015-3-28 Lon Cole (45 of 70)
Lon Cole reads from his writings at the University Bookstore in Bellevue in 2015.

Lon Cole has authored three poetry books including his latest, Alive and Thankful. “I love reaching out to people. It’s why I volunteer so much, and it’s why I wrote my books–so I could reach out and lighten others’ burdens,” says Lon. “It brings me strength and new life, and I guess it is what our Lord does for us all. I just try to follow Him.”

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