Christmas Memory


empty wooden surface over christmas tree lights
holidays, new year and celebration concept – close up of empty wooden surface or table over christmas tree and lights background

By Lon Cole

Many years have passed me by

 Christmas has shared them all

This joyous season a special time

Of fond memories I still recall

The faces the names the places I have been

all lost in my quick growing past

But a gentle reminder of Christmas before

Renews a great joy that will last

Sparkle, glitter, toys, and treats

Come so quickly then are gone

But the true message that Christmas brings

Will eternally live on

Joy, Peace, and goodwill to all

A special gift from God above

To help remind us of Christmas time

And fill our hearts with all Gods love

2015-3-28 Lon Cole (45 of 70)

Lon Cole has authored three poetry books including his latest, Alive and Thankful. “I love reaching out to people. It’s why I volunteer so much, and it’s why I wrote my books–so I could reach out and lighten others’ burdens,” says Lon. “It brings me strength and new life, and I guess it is what our Lord does for us all. I just try to follow Him.”

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