The Strength of Community


By Carly Wolberg 

I find strength in advocating for the cause and in raising awareness about Alzheimer’s—and all the different ways it impacts lives. I also think it benefits the community when we talk about our experiences, what we have learned through it all, and support each other—because without that, we let the disease win. We need to stand together to fight Alzheimer’s and overcome the cruelty of the disease. Each time I share my story and educate another person about my experience, I feel that I’m doing my dad justice by getting support behind a cause that took his life—and my dad deserves that.

Dad and doodle
My dad, me and our families golden-doodle

I watched my dad live with Early Onset Alzheimer’s and admiring my mom in her care for him. I’m sharing my story—not because I want people’s pity–but because of the support I’ve received since my dad passed away, through the Alzheimer’s community.

Since my dad passed away in June of 2014, I’ve gotten more involved with the Alzheimer’s Association. I did the Walk to End Alzheimer’s with my mom and sister in September of 2014, in Winston-Salem, NC—where we were joined by nearly 15 of our closest friends. After my move to Seattle last summer, I decided to be a captain of a team for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in August. I was absolutely speechless when 10 new friends joined my team, donated to the cause, and walked with me—and we raised over $1000 as a team. What’s so moving about these walks is how eye-opening it is to see how people are affected by Alzheimer’s—and how unfortunate it is that it touches so many lives. I love to see the groups at these walks raising their colored flowers high in the air signifying why they are participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Whether you’re living with the disease, are providing care to someone with the disease, have lost someone to Alzheimer’s, or just care about the cause—Alzheimer’s affects too many people, and we need to continue to dedicate time and money to finding a cureWalk 2

All the way from Winston-Salem, NC, to Seattle, WA, I am continuously touched and appreciative of how much love and support my friends—new and old—show me and show the Alzheimer’s cause. Each day, I’m increasingly inspired to become more involved with the Alzheimer’s cause in order to make a positive impact on my community and make my dad proud. I know my dad would be incredibly touched and thankful for all the support he has and how much he is loved by this world.

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