Lighting the Way: Honoring a Father’s Memory

By Victoria FredmanAA091DFC-28BD-49E2-8B59-030F7AEDAFE3

On June 14, 2012 my four siblings and I crowded around my fathers bed to say our final goodbye. Ronald Paul Geguzys Sr. has been missed in so many ways since then, most especially by his children who never really got the chance to share him with our children. Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s very early in life and passed away just after his 73rd birthday. He left behind a wife, five kids, 11 grandchildren and many people who had the privilege of calling him a friend. He spent the bulk of his career at GE, growing steadily to CEO of the Ballast Division.

He knew how to work hard and play hard. He was an avid sailor and loved all water sports. He taught us to ski practically from birth! He gave the best hugs and hearing his voice meant all was right in the world. His smile and laughter were infectious. I cannot re- member a time growing up when he didn’t know the answer to a question, or at least have the ability to figure it out quickly.FullSizeRender (15)

Dad could build anything from scratch including a car and his homes. Even with such “dad-like” hobbies he was the most gentle nurse around when he had to care for my brother and I after we were severely injured in accidents just weeks apart.

He wasn’t perfect. He could be brutally honest, infuriating  and inflexible. To know him though was to love him. Watching him forget little things was hard but knowing he had no idea who his kids were was brutal. His death blew a hole in relationships that were built over a lifetime. Watching him suffer was more than we could bear.4FBF587E-6B89-479A-BD75-A981044C4446 (2)

It has taken a few years for the pain of his passing to settle enough to push through and do something in his honor. Now, the time is right to honor his memory and join the fight against Alzheimer’s during The Longest Day. My June 20th event is being supported by glassybaby Bellevue. glassybaby are hand blown glass votives created to help give back to charities. There is something unique and beautiful about seeing the glow from a glassbaby. This year during the summer solstice we will raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s Association by “Lighting The Park” to honor my dad and others who have been affected by this (2)

Join us and glassybaby in Bellevue Washington at our Downtown park at 7 p.m. on June 20th. Tickets purchased provide a glassybaby and a donation to Alzheimer’s Association. Tickets are available for purchase at Growing up my parents always taught us that together me and my siblings were a fist, as there were five of us, and alone we were just digits. I would like to think the same rule applies to fighting Alzheimer’s. Together we can make a difference. Together we can raise awareness and funds to research a way to finally eradicate it so no one has to fight this awful fight. I hope each glassbaby gives as much peace to those that light them as they have given me.


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