Thanks and Understanding

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From a family caregiver to a professional caregiver

By Cary Ulrich


Understandthat I was totally exhausted when I came to you.

Understandthat I know I waited past the time my loved one should have been moved.

Understandthat I didn’t want to make this decision.

Understandthat I feel guilty for letting my Loved One down. I made a promise to keep them home until the end.

Understandthat I feel like I gave up.

Understandthat I’m full of sadness for the things we didn’t get to do.

Understandthat I have regrets for not doing things when we had the chance.

Understandthat I’m grieving. I might tell you I’m fine, but I’m not.

Understandwhen I call morning and evening. You are my only connection to my Loved One.

Understandthat you and I are a Team.

Understandthat I will need your knowledge and experience to make decisions.

Understandwhen I ask about my loved one’s condition and when I make suggestions or concerns, I’m not questioning their care.

Understandthat I need you to keep me informed of changes.  Tell me the Good, the in-between, and the bad.

Understandthat I may not be able to care for my Loved One, but I’m still their Caregiver, Voice, and Advocate.

Thanks for understanding.

Cary Ulrich Photography shot freelance images for over 20 years. Based in Wenatchee, Cary was a devoted Alzheimer’s advocate, volunteer and caregiver. 

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