How Our Community Spends The Longest Day

Editor’s Note: Do what you love for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Register today for The Longest Day.

The Longest Day is an opportunity to do what YOU love to support a world without Alzheimer’s disease.  Are you undecided on your Longest Day activity? Find inspiration from these teams in Washington state!



“It’s a matter of being able to identify getting the support that one needs, getting the education that one needs, and learning how to survive – that’s why the community needs to participate.”

Alpha Kappa Alpha – Delta Upsilon Omega Chapter will be providing goody bags for Alzheimer’s patients in day homes and educational information for caregivers. Brenda Vasser, the president of the chapter, recognizes the impact Alzheimer’s disease has.

“We look for impact to our membership and we look for impact to our community” says Brenda. “The African American community is disproportionately affected and that makes it a big concern to us as a sorority that has dominantly African American membership, which means our community base is affected.”

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“The Longest Day is an opportunity for people to create something of their own, do something that they want to do with people, make it fun, and think outside the box.”

Mikaela Louie and Erin McLaughlin are part of an organization called Young Professionals of Seattle that hosts monthly events for their chapter, and plan to participate in the Longest Day as part of their agenda. The Great Ballz of Fire will host a kickball game and bonfire on Saturday, June 24th at the Golden Gardens Park in Seattle. 

“Our goal and our mission is to activate the next generation in this fight, and to get people involved, to get people part of the movement, and because so many more young people are becoming affected by this disease we felt that we needed to establish a positive engagement” says Mikaela.

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“The resources, the importance, the educational piece, you could go on and on.”

Touchmark  is a group of retirement communities providing  exceptional care to its residents.  It’s a point of pride for Life Enrichment Director Michelle Avdienko.

“We strive to be in one of the premier companies [in senior living],” says Michelle. “We’re a friend, an ally, a giver.”

All Touchmark facilities will be involved in The Longest Day. For the Vancouver facility, there’s a lot on the docket including water coloring, health and fitness classes, discussing Alzheimer’s Association resources and more. The main activity, NuStep, is one that almost anyone can participate in.

“Many people of many different skill levels are able to do it” says Michelle. “”Because we’re doing teams, it’s very much a supportive thing.”

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Zumba TLD Pic

“It’s a great way to have fun, dance, and raise money.”

Dance for the Memories, the group who formed the team “Zumba with us”, holds Zumbathons around the state . The group, led by Victoria Lum, has used Zumba to create awareness

“I returned to Seattle in 2007 when my mother was diagnosed with dementia,” says Victoria. “ After my mom passed four years to the day was when I decided to raise money for the Longest Day. I love to dance and I’ve been teaching about 12 classes a week including bringing it to early stage dementia treatments”

Victoria’s team has been hosting Zumbathons since March and will be raising money until the Longest Day. Their next Zumbathon is in Bellevue on July 1st.

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