My Grandma Bonnie: A Poem

Stephanie Eldore participated in The Longest Day by running an ultra marathon for her mother, Bonnie who is living with Alzheimer’s. Stephanie’s daughter, recently wrote this poem about her grandma for a school assignment.

“My ten year old daughter recently wrote a beautiful poem about her Grandma Bonnie (my Mom) as a response to literature. The assignment was to write a poem about something meaningful.  When she handed me the poem at the end of the day, I was speechless and teary-eyed. I think that she eloquently describes what Alzheimer’s is like from a granddaughter’s perspective….I actually think that she describes it better than most adults would be able to.” – Stephanie Eldore


My Grandma Bonnie

My mom’s mother
used to have fun.
She used to have a cabin
up here at the lake
when my mom was younger.

Until one day she came across
a tough villainous curse
called Alzheimer’s disease.
Then she forgot her

That terrible devil locked her
up tight in a land
of nothing.
Her own family
became a blurry mind picture to her.

But that dark curse
didn’t stop there.
It knew that if it took
a loved one away, others would suffer.

Because of that my
Grandpa stopped visiting her
in the nursing home that
was her jail cell for no freedom.

My mom has cried many tears
and we’ve visited many times
hoping that Bonnie Rogers would appear.

But no luck.

That Alzheimer’s disease is the devil of freedom.
It locks up your soul and throws away the key.
It makes my mom suffer of sadness and sorrow.

Why did it have to be my mom who’s suffering?
How come it is so cruel?


poem for Grandma

poem for Grandma #2

During Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, people are sharing their stories about their experience with Alzheimer’s disease. Go purple on social media with a picture of your loved one and the hashtag #EndALZ. Learn more at


Abby visiting her grandma Bonnie.

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