Swimming to Alcatraz for ALZ


Jill’s promotional picture for this year’s swim

On July 27, 2019,  Mill Creek local Jill Jordan swam from Alcatraz Island back to the shore in San Francisco. She swam in 59 degree water for just under 45 minutes. Her mission? To raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. This is Jill’s third open-water swim to raise money for a cause, and this year she raised $3,500 for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

According to Jill, she raised money for the Alzheimer’s Association because her uncle has the disease, and she has seen her aunt tirelessly caring for him, even though she has health issues of her own. 

They live in Southern California,” Jill said, “but I’ve been following their struggles and successes via her Facebook posts, and have learned quite a lot about what a devastating disease it is, for the patients and the family.  I wanted to do something to honor Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill, so “Alcatraz for Alzheimer’s” seemed like a perfect event.” 

image001 (1)
Jill finishing her 44:51 swim from Alcatraz

Jill is an experienced swimmer. “Basically, my story is that I grew up in a neighborhood northeast of Kirkland, where I swam with my brother in the Midlakes Swim League for 10 years, beginning when I was 8 years old.  I’m now 55. I swam 4 years at Juanita High School, in Kirkland, and was able to swim in the State meet my senior year,” she said. 

“After college, I started doing triathlons, but found that I have a passion for fundraising, doing an annual open water swim each year.  I solicit contributions from friends, family, and co-workers and even strangers, using mostly social media. Over the past several years, $11,000 has been raised with my annual swims, and I am so grateful for everyone who sponsors me each year!”said Jill.

Jill’s brother and daughter both coach swimming for WAVE Aquatics in Kirkland, and although she’s not completing in swim meets at this time, her motto is “I Run for Fun and Swim to Win!”

“ I guess I will always be a competitive swimmer at heart.  Swimming is definitely a family affair, as well as a life-long sport.”

image005 (1)
Guy Burdick from the Alzheimer’s Association San Francisco office went to show his support of Jill and thank her for her fundraising contributions

Jill donated the money she raised from her swim to the Alzheimer’s Association as a Tribute Gift in honor of her aunt and uncle. Tribute gifts are those made in honor of someone you know or in memory of someone who has died. These gifts enable the Alzheimer’s Association to carry out its mission while keeping the memory of someone you love alive. Make a Tribute Gift here. 

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