Bill and his neighbor look through the window at a loved one

Looking Through the Window

Bill Jones

By Bill Jones

My inspiration for writing the poem was for all the loved ones experiencing a devastating and emotional tragedy caused by the COVID-19 restrictions, eliminating in-person visits to nursing homes and other care communities. Further inspiration was my visits with my neighbor Midge, the wife of Rocky, who has Alzheimer’s, as illustrated by the pictures of one of our visits.

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Looking through the window at you
on my visit is hard to do
I know it is hard for you to understand
why I can’t come inside
The important thing I hope you realize
is how much I love you

I know your mind is impaired, but you can still see me,
you are the love of my life
You are always in my heart,
always in my thoughts while you fight

I know your illness makes it difficult to respond
But I will always remember our special bond

Looking through the window today
Makes me want to go home and pray

Looking through the window |
Looking through the window at you

It is very difficult seeing you today 
But I remember us together yesterday

Standing here with others filled with sorrow
I know that I and they will be here tomorrow

I am here and wondering again why
you got this condition that has little mercy
It has been a difficult and challenging journey

I know your future is somewhat dim
But my heart and feelings for you will never end

I remember vividly when our love was so dear
that’s why I will visit every day as long as you are here

I hope the closed door policy won’t go on much more
I will be here when they open the door

Looking through the window
Looking through the window at you

A man looking through a window

4 thoughts on “Looking Through the Window

  1. I am not able to look through the window, however the poem’s words could well be my own. Peggy has dementia and I miss her dearly. Our connection is by telephone couple time a week. A picture of Peggy and I is at my right as it always is.

    Thank You
    Bob Beers

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