What to Consider When Pursuing Assisted Living or Memory Care

By: CarePartners Senior Living

Times change, roles become reversed. Children become the caregivers of their parents. Choosing an assisted living or memory care community for your loved one can be extremely hard and stressful. Does paying a higher price translate into better service and a safer environment? We have created a list of questions for you and your family to consider when choosing assisted living or memory care for your loved one. Each family is different, but this is a good place to start.

Financial and Contract Questions

• How much does it cost to live at the community? 

• Are there different pricing levels?

• What is not included in that cost?

• What is the deposit and move-in fee?

• Does the community allow the resident to spend down to Medicaid? And if so, how many beds are certified for this?

• How does the community bill? Paper or electronic?

• What happens to my contract/financial responsibility if my loved one is admitted to the hospital or needs a higher level of care?

Needs and Care Services Questions

• How is staffing determined?

• What types of training do you offer for your staff?

• How often are residents assessed?

• How will I be notified of any changes with my loved one?

• How will my loved one see the doctor?

• Are there therapies offered?

• What types of socialization and activities do you provide?

• What if my loved one is up all night?

• Does the community provide transportation?

• How are medications ordered?

• What are the infection control procedures? 

• Are there any visiting requirements?

Community Layout and Maintenance Questions

• Is the community safe and easy to navigate? Are sidewalks even? Are there trip hazards?

• Is there a place for my loved one to enjoy the outdoors?

• How many residents live there?

• Do they encourage me to bring our own furniture and decor to make my loved one’s room feel home-like?

• Are there closets and bathrooms in the room? If not, why? 

• Is the community clean? Do you smell any odors? 

• Are pets allowed?

• Is this place secure for my loved one with dementia? 

 Atmosphere Questions

• How does the initial look and feel of the place make you feel? 

• What are the color schemes? Ask if there is a reason for them. 

• How do you see the staff interacting with the residents?

• How do you see the residents interacting with each other?

There may be other questions you may have, and that is a good thing. This list is to be used as a starting point. Feel free to print this page out or write down some of the questions to take with you as you visit communities. Take notes and compare! At the end of the day, you know your loved one and their needs best. Your loved one going to live in assisted living or memory care does not mean you are no longer their advocate. Most communities really want what is best for you and your loved one.

CarePartners Senior Living is a locally-owned and operated assisted-living management company that serves western Washington and Spokane. CarePartners Senior Living also manages “The Cottages,” a unique home-like Cottage design exclusively for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia-related conditions. CarePartners Senior Living is a Presenting Sponsor for the Discovery Alzheimer’s Regional Conference for health care professionals on April 23, 2021.

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