Stacy Bellew, owner of Coeur Cause Wines

A Sparkling Mother’s Day Weekend

By Stacy Bellew, Owner, Coeur Cause® Wines 
Diamond Partner for 2022 Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Washington State

During Mother’s Day Weekend, our blossoming brand Coeur Cause® will be releasing its third wine benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association. We’ve raised almost $50,000 to date with much more to go. You are all invited to celebrate this inspiring partnership and event at one of our upcoming release parties. 

I’ll also be celebrating a promise I made to my sweet mom, and she’ll be there to witness it! More on that shortly.

Our amazing co-sponsor, Milbrandt Vineyards, will be hosting the event, appropriately called “A Sparkling Mother’s Day Weekend.” Together, we’ll be pouring the newest Coeur Cause® Sparkling Riesling and Sparkling Rosé at Milbrandt’s Woodinville, Leavenworth and Prosser tasting rooms. Serious swag — from gourmet baskets to wine country getaways — will be raffled off throughout the event weekend of May 6-8, 2022.

Stacy and husband David
Me and my husband, David. Coeur Cause® Wines is proud to be the Diamond Partner for the 2022 Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Washington State.

The celebration will be adorned with towering champagne glasses, florals and paprika-dusted paella chefs.

Purple spotlights and effervescent bubbles are sure to illuminate the occasion, but my mom will outshine it all in the most genuine, beautiful and courageous way.  

She was diagnosed with dementia several years ago. Her fear of unfamiliar public places has grown significantly due to her memory loss, but she wants to celebrate this moment with me. It’s a bit intimidating for both of us.

We made a deal to sparkle fearlessly. 

I don’t mean sparkle with our smiles or southern demeanor — which my mom has charmingly mastered, but literally “sparkle.” She’s always telling me I need to bedazzle up my outfits or wear bigger, shinier earrings (you know, Texas-sized). Mom’s version of “packin” is carrying a glue gun and rhinestones. As a single mom, she invented bling with modest means.  

For the event, we’ve agreed to let our bling flags fly and drown our fears (and wardrobes) in sparkles. We’re hoping you will join us. Please know that acrylic (or real) gemstones are optional. For us, the extra bling will represent many things — shining light on vital causes, being seen AND heard, being valued and my mom’s favorite: believing in yourself.  

Two women toasting wine
Mom and me

Which brings me back to a bigger promise I made to my mom decades ago. No, it wasn’t to wear more twister beads (although you gotta love that if you’re an 80’s kid).

Mom felt most empowered and confident as a woman when she finally saved up enough money to start her own business and call her own shots. It’s still a challenging feat for us women today, but imagine the mountains our moms climbed back then.

It’s been a dream for her to see me have my own business. She, more than anyone, knows the challenges I’ve faced as a female entrepreneur. Despite the uphill battles, she made me promise to continue to strive toward building my own business, with one condition: to always do it from my heart, over any financial gain.

“Coeur” in Coeur Cause means “heart.”

Mom, no matter how hard it gets, I will always listen to my heart and pursue causes based on my love for people. Like you, I’ll stand up for those who need a voice. Your authentic desire to help those in need has been a guiding influence in my life. I’m just glad I found a way to do it through one of our other favorite things: wine.

Lisa Milbrandt and me at our first release party in June 2021.

I would like to thank Lisa Milbrandt for sharing her mother’s journey with dementia and Alzheimer’s. You’ve encouraged me to talk (and ask) about the darkest parts of this experience. I also want to thank Butch Milbrandt for our 8-year partnership in the wine industry.

Together, we invite everyone to share their stories and lean on the Alzheimer’s Association and its incredible resources.

A Sparkling Mother’s Day Weekend  
Woodinville, Leavenworth, Prosser  
All Milbrandt Tasting Rooms 
May 6-8, 2022  |  12-6 p.m.  

*** Reservations Required ***

Upon arrival, guests are given a rosebud and a greeting pour of the newest Coeur Cause® Sparkling Riesling. A flight of six wines with bites and a guest paella chef will be onsite at each location Saturday and Sunday! (Paella will be available for purchase.)  

Luxury raffles include wine country trips, Leavenworth getaways, restaurant certificates and golf excursions.

Optional: Bringin’ My Bling Contest  
Door prizes will be given to the best sparkling, blingy or dazzling wardrobe accouterment.  

Live entertainment at some locations.   

$40 for the general public, waived with a 2+ bottle purchase of Coeur Cause®. 
$20 for wine club members, waived with a 2+ bottle purchase.   

Woodinville | Reserve Here  
Leavenworth | Reserve Here   
Prosser | Reserve Here  

Can’t make the event? 
Buy the wine HERE and support the cause now.

Coeur Cause® Wines is a registered trademark of Ceremony Cellars. Milbrandt is a proud event sponsor.

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