21 Ways to Fundraise for The Longest Day

The Longest Day is a wonderful opportunity to come together, share in a joyful activity and make a difference in the lives of people impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The Longest Day is the day with the most light — the summer solstice. On June 21, thousands of participants from across the world fight the darkness of Alzheimer’s through an activity of their choice. Together, they use their creativity and passion to raise funds and awareness for the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Register today and use these 21 fun fundraising ideas as inspiration to start planning your The Longest Day activity!

1. Hiking. There’s no shortage of trails to explore in the great PNW. Whether you want to take a leisurely walk along a river or hike up a mountain, this is a great way to gather together and raise funds to fight Alzheimer’s! 

2. Baking. Share a favorite recipe and let others know why this recipe is special to you and include an ask for support. Create and share a digital version of the recipe in exchange for a donation. 

woman makes purple cupcakes for her TLD Fundraiser

3. Video games. Get together with friends, in person or online, to play your favorite game. Have a donation entry fee to raise funds before the fun!

4. Community yard sale. This is a great way to get rid of unused or wanted items as you spring clean, find something new for yourself, and raise money in the process. Anyone who wants to participate can have their own space and donate a percentage of sales to the fight against Alzheimer’s! 

5. Biking. With friends or solo, get the word out about your ride and pledge to ride a mile for every $10, $50, or $100 donated!

6. Knitting, Crocheting, or Quilting. Create some unique pieces of your choice and auction them off for a donation! 

7. One-day flash fundraiser. Think one-day flash sale, translated to fundraising. Send emails, texts, post updates on the hour and go live on your social media. Share your story and ask for donations during your 24 hours. Don’t forget to build up the excitement by promoting it in advance.

8. Group Marathon. Ask 26 friends to join your team, run a mile and raise money for the fight against Alzheimer’s! Encourage them to post why they are running on their own social media.

neighborhood comes together to raise funds for TLD

9. Board game tournament. Dig out some favorite board games and gather for some fun! You can place donation bets on who will win! 

10. Workout. Lead a workout, yoga routine, or cardio and ask for a donation to attend. Or you can challenge yourself by asking for a donation for each exercise activity you complete! 

11. Facebook Fundraiser. If you register for The Longest Day, setting up a Facebook fundraiser is an easy way to collect donations. Post a photo with your “why,” or do a Facebook Live from your fundraiser to share your story and invite your friends to give.  

12. Plant some purple. Ask your friends and family to plant a purple flower of their choice and post a photo of it on social media with a link to your fundraising page so their friends and family can donate! 

Woman gardening in her purple shirt to raise money for TLD

13. Movie night. Invite your friends to watch a movie with you and donate what they would usually spend at the theater. You can make it even more fun by adding a theme and dressing up accordingly! 

14. Trivia. Host a trivia night or quiz bowl and charge an entry fee to participate. Share why you are involved in The Longest Day and ask for additional donations. 

15.  Lawn game tournament. Set up anything from cornhole and bocce ball to ladder golf or volleyball and enjoy some sunshine.  

16. Scavenger hunt. Get your household, group of friends, or neighborhood together to join you in a scavenger hunt. Those who want to participate can donate to receive a small list of items. The first team to find all the items and provide proof wins! 

17. Virtual Doggy Costume Contest. Everyone loves dressing their fur baby up, so why not make it a contest! Charge a donation fee for entry and post all the photos on social to have people vote for their favorite!

18. Arts and crafts. Use your skills to teach a class, such as drawing, crocheting, make-up, and more! Friends can make a donation to join the fun, and you can auction off the final product to the highest bidder.

Man painting a scenic area while raising funds for TLD in his purple shirt

19. Texting. You can raise money with a simple text by asking your network to donate to The Longest Day by texting “Solstice” to 51555 and entering your name. Share your story with them and include a picture of who you are honoring!

20. Community cookbook. Ask your friends and neighbors to contribute a favorite recipe to create a community cookbook. You can then share a digital or printed cookbook in exchange for donations. 

21. Karaoke. Sing your heart out while fighting to #ENDALZ. Gather your friends at a favorite venue, backyard or house and take requests in exchange for donations.

Feeling inspired!? Go to alz.org/tld to register and get your fundraiser started today!

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