Rowing in honor of my dad: The Longest Day

By Lynxie Voorhees My name is Lynxie Voorhees and I am from Mukilteo, Washington. I am a senior at Kamiak High School and plan on attending Barnard College this coming fall. One of my passions in life is rowing.  I discovered rowing through a friend who began rowing in college, and I decided to join the summer after my sophomore year of high school. I … Continue reading Rowing in honor of my dad: The Longest Day

Growing up when dad has dementia: Why I Walk

By: Grace Lilje It was in the Spring of 2010 when my dad, my older brother Nolan, and I piled into our car for a road trip that would forever change our lives.  My dad, Bill, who worked as a wheat farmer, had been exhibiting some uncharacteristic behaviors and patterns that my mom had recently noticed. He was having difficulty planning in his job and … Continue reading Growing up when dad has dementia: Why I Walk

Dancing for Dad: The Longest Day

Kristen Barsky-Harlan and her wife, Sarah, had just 3.5 months to plan their wedding. It was not the original date they had chosen; but Kristen wanted her father there by her side, to walk her down the aisle and enjoy the father-daughter dance. Kristen’s dad, Tom, had younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and Kristen wanted to remember her wedding day with her father present.   This year … Continue reading Dancing for Dad: The Longest Day

Beautiful Mind

By Michael Kirtman He is my superhero Olympic level speed But his true super power Is his beautiful mind That mind ignited his rise from Gray, Louisiana To segregated Texas To the corner office That beautiful mind made him the first in his family to go to college A mind that tested out of every high-school except one A mind that led global marketing for … Continue reading Beautiful Mind