For the first man I ever loved: Why I Walk

My father had Alzheimer’s disease, as did his mother (my paternal grandmother). My dad, Hans Harder, was the first man I ever loved. He was an athlete, WSU Alumni and a farmer who loved sports and raising cattle. He was the most generous person I knew. As a child, I remember him giving money to strangers on the street when we went to town. Continue reading For the first man I ever loved: Why I Walk

Fighting for families like ours: Why I Walk

My name is Becky Smith (aka “Ponytail Girl” as my dad called me). My dad, Henry Leroy Wood, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the early 2000s. My two brothers, Rick and Scott, as well as my mother Jan, have shared with me some memories and the reasons why we have chosen to participate in the North Central Washington Walk to End Alzheimer’s as Leroy’s Team. Continue reading Fighting for families like ours: Why I Walk

It’s for you Chelito: Why I Walk

am 43 years old and from Guadalajara, Mexico. I am the youngest of 11 kids that my mom had — yes, 11! As the youngest of my family, I usually took care of my mom’s needs. We started to notice some changes in my mom’s behavior around eight years ago. She seemed sadder. She was usually pretty much an independent woman, strong and happy. She smiled at all people, and was a friendly and nice lady. Continue reading It’s for you Chelito: Why I Walk

Fieldstone Memory Care: Why I Walk

Our vision for engaged and healthy residents is closely tied to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. That’s why we continue to put our support behind the Alzheimer’s Association, and why we’re inviting you to join the Walk efforts this year so we can continue to pave the way for a cure. Continue reading Fieldstone Memory Care: Why I Walk

Meet Our Team: Walk to End Alzheimer’s

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is right around the corner. While things might look a little different this year, we are moving forward to end Alzheimer’s and our Walk team is making that happen! We interviewed the Walk Managers so that you can get to know a little more about them and why they work so hard to make the Walk to End Alzheimer’s a … Continue reading Meet Our Team: Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Advocate: Katie Denmark

Katie Denmark is a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association Washington State Chapter. Her work in public policy as an Alzheimer’s advocate has been so important to our Chapter and in Washington State! We interviewed Katie about her work as a volunteer and what motivates her. Tell us about yourselfI live in the Seattle area with my husband and two sons. I practiced law before having … Continue reading Alzheimer’s Advocate: Katie Denmark

Kay Lehmann: Tri-Cities volunteer

By: Kay Lehmann  My name is Kay Lehmann. I am a native Eastern Washingtonian, empowered single person and VIG (Very Important Grandma). I grew up on the banks of the Snake River in northern Walla Walla County. Go to the ends of the earth and the farm I grew up on is beyond that! I moved into the City of Walla Walla in the ‘90s … Continue reading Kay Lehmann: Tri-Cities volunteer

Year in Review: Impact Report FY19

The Alzheimer’s Association Washington State Chapter is pleased to present to you — our loyal supporters — the Impact Report for Fiscal Year 2019. We are grateful for the many ways your support enhances the lives of people in our community affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Below are key highlights of all we accomplished together in the past year. Thank you again for … Continue reading Year in Review: Impact Report FY19

Taking care of each other: Mac & Kathryn

Mac and Kathryn are a couple based out of Spokane. Kathryn is living with dementia and Mac is her full-time caregiver. The following is the story of their journey together with dementia. Mac met his wife Kathryn in Seattle on Dec. 8, 2006. Kathryn answered a Craigslist ad Mac had placed, looking for friendship. The pair quickly became friends. “I found a great friend, and … Continue reading Taking care of each other: Mac & Kathryn

Bob and George Ann smile, sitting next to each other

Husband and Caregiver: Bob Reinholt

This November, in honor of National Family Caregivers Month,  we are telling the stories of family caregivers.  Bob Reinholt met his wife George Ann at the University of Washington in 1956. They married and settled in the Yakima Valley to raise their family.  In 2008, Bob noticed changes in George Ann, such as misplacing items, forgetting small things (like dates) and trouble keeping score on the … Continue reading Husband and Caregiver: Bob Reinholt