Bill and his neighbor look through the window at a loved one

Looking Through the Window

My inspiration for writing the poem was for all the loved ones experiencing a devastating and emotional tragedy caused by the COVID-19 restrictions, eliminating in-person visits to nursing homes and other care communities. Further inspiration was my visits with my neighbor Midge, the wife of Rocky, who has Alzheimer’s, as illustrated by the pictures of one of our visits. Continue reading Looking Through the Window

The messy nobility of being a caretaker

When their bodies or minds (or both) leave them unable to keep up with the tasks of living, and it becomes our duty to take up the tasks for them. We put our plans, ideas, hopes and futures on hold and our worlds begin to spin on the axis of someone else’s needs. Continue reading The messy nobility of being a caretaker

Make a promise: Growing a garden of hope

Now you can wear your Promise Garden flower all year long. Raise or donate $50 for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s from November 30 to December 11 to receive a collectors series Promise Garden pin in the color of your choice. Collect all four pins by fundraising $150 dollars, while supplies last. Continue reading Make a promise: Growing a garden of hope