It’s All Good

by David Leek Nature has provided me with Her own celebratory plaque.It is white and, I believe, quite pure.It fills my mind,In a manner of speaking. I had not previously heardThe mysterious and alliterative term,“Pre-senile dementia.” I must admit, it has a certain authoritative ring.Medical titles usually do,And this one is quite official sounding. It tells the story of a slow, crustaceous process,Sort of like the … Continue reading It’s All Good

Year in Review: Impact Report FY19

The Alzheimer’s Association Washington State Chapter is pleased to present to you — our loyal supporters — the Impact Report for Fiscal Year 2019. We are grateful for the many ways your support enhances the lives of people in our community affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Below are key highlights of all we accomplished together in the past year. Thank you again for … Continue reading Year in Review: Impact Report FY19

Spreading kindness: Why I Walk

Amy Baidoo-Essien lives in Puyallup, Washington. She is an administrative assistant, graphic designer and more — but according to Amy, “My most important job is being a mom to my three amazing girls and wife to my wonderful husband.” Amy is also the team captain for Team Shelia, named after mother, who died from Alzheimer’s on May 25, 2018.  “At first, my mom would forget … Continue reading Spreading kindness: Why I Walk

My best friend and grandma: Why I Walk

By: Kaitlyn Johnson Growing up, I was always “Grandma’s Girl.” I spent countless hours eating Push-Pops on the living room floor of her apartment, watching Disney movies on VHS with the boxy old TV she refused to replace and baking with her before I could even reach the kitchen counter. I am infamous among my immediate family for constantly having my nose in a book, … Continue reading My best friend and grandma: Why I Walk