What is The Longest Day?

The Longest Day is a “day of action” for the Alzheimer’s Association during Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month®. The Longest Day is held on the day with the most light – the summer solstice. On The Longest Day, thousands of participants from across the world come together to fight the darkness of Alzheimer’s through an activity of their choice – biking, hiking, playing bridge, swimming, knitting … Continue reading What is The Longest Day?

Love and The Longest Day: Electa and Norm Anderson

By Thomas Bowler  Many people who have experienced Alzheimer’s can relate to the story of Electa Anderson. And, like many others, that experience has sparked in her a passion to do more for the cause through The Longest Day. Electa Anderson, a long time resident of California, faced what felt like an insurmountable wall of adversity when her husband, Norm, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in … Continue reading Love and The Longest Day: Electa and Norm Anderson

How I spend The Longest Day: Electa Anderson

Editor’s Note: Registration is open for The Longest Day. Click here to learn more.   The Longest Day is a unique opportunity for individuals to come together and honor those affected by Alzheimer’s. For Electa Anderson, that means honoring her late husband, Norm. Do what you love for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Visit thelongestday.alz.org today to start a team. Continue reading How I spend The Longest Day: Electa Anderson

The Science of Meditation

By Kristoffer Rhoads, PhD With roots stretching across several centuries and cultures, mindfulness meditation is increasingly practiced for living well with memory loss and dementia. Researchers and clinicians have increasingly turned their attention to meditation’s ability to reduce the experience of stress (particularly when we cannot change the stressor itself) and enhance resilience. This includes the ability to cultivate and maintain a sense of detached … Continue reading The Science of Meditation