Kay Lehmann: Tri-Cities volunteer

By: Kay Lehmann  My name is Kay Lehmann. I am a native Eastern Washingtonian, empowered single person and VIG (Very Important Grandma). I grew up on the banks of the Snake River in northern Walla Walla County. Go to the ends of the earth and the farm I grew up on is beyond that! I moved into the City of Walla Walla in the ‘90s … Continue reading Kay Lehmann: Tri-Cities volunteer

Remembering Joy: Why I Walk

Joy Lofquist was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1997 and passed away from the disease in 2015. What defined Joy, though, was not the disease but the woman she was. “I have stated many times that my mom was a force of nature. All 4’11 ½” of her,” said her son, Brian Lofquist.  For the past six years, Brian and his family have been participating in … Continue reading Remembering Joy: Why I Walk

Awareness for Arline – Why I Walk

By Jerry Campbell   This year, I wanted to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association by going on a little walk of my own for the cause — well, all of the Walks in the Pacific Northwest to be exact. Since I couldn’t be in every city when the Walk was happening, I journeyed around Washington, Oregon and Idaho on my own, walking each route … Continue reading Awareness for Arline – Why I Walk