Alisa and her mom smile together

Why I Volunteer: Alisa Carroll

By Alisa Carroll I love you, mom.  My mom and I have always been best friends. She laughs easily and beautifully and has, her entire life, been the most animated and spirited person I know. She has been my cheerleader and encourager, and me hers –always at one another’s sides in times of need and celebration.  One of her dreams was to go to India, … Continue reading Why I Volunteer: Alisa Carroll

Twin Sisters Join Forces in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

We are excited to introduce Kerry Price-Duffy and Kristin Frossmo as Co-Chairs for the 2021 Pacific Northwest Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Seattle.They bring invaluable experience to their new volunteer roles leading the Walk Planning Committee. They have joined the fight against Alzheimer’s in honor of their parents. Continue reading Twin Sisters Join Forces in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

Volunteering for Gail, my forever friend

By: Alan Jaffe My name is Alan Jaffe. I am 81 years old and retired, and I volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association Washington State Chapter.  I have had a very diversified life in careers and education. However, the constant aspect of my life over all of those years has been my relationship with my wife, Gail. We were married for 58 years from 1960-2018. l … Continue reading Volunteering for Gail, my forever friend

Kay Lehmann: Tri-Cities volunteer

By: Kay Lehmann  My name is Kay Lehmann. I am a native Eastern Washingtonian, empowered single person and VIG (Very Important Grandma). I grew up on the banks of the Snake River in northern Walla Walla County. Go to the ends of the earth and the farm I grew up on is beyond that! I moved into the City of Walla Walla in the ‘90s … Continue reading Kay Lehmann: Tri-Cities volunteer

Running 12,000 miles away from home

By: Olivia Budiono Olivia volunteers at the Alzheimer’s Association, Washington State Chapter. She is a recent graduate of the University of Washington and is pursuing a career in communications. Olivia chose to volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association because she felt like it was something she could do to make a difference, even though she can’t be home with her grandma. I came to the United … Continue reading Running 12,000 miles away from home